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Despite these different pictures being created by different creative groups, and The Avengers being helmed by way of an entirely new manager not used to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is a clear awareness of uniformity and cohesion during every one of these films, and that is something to be respected.
These name figures of these five movies (Ironman, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America) finds themselves called together to save the globe when Loki (the bad guy from Thor) sets out to dominate the whole world by destroying it. No one has actually described how ruining a global results in world domination, however on the other hand, no one has ever were able to pull-off one of these ruin the world first, request subservience schemes that were later. So these super-heros, Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Captain America (Chris Evans) and the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) are type of direct by Super secret agent Nick Fury (Samuel L. Knutson), plus they obviously behind heads first then find a way to come together as a team just when Planet needs it most (Earth here completely relegated to mid-town Ny).
And actually that is it. For a two-hour and twenty minute movie, there there is not that much going on in this story. There is a risk, the group comes then they do, and together, they don't get along, and they and the hazard battle. Because you aren't a complete moron, the outcome is already known by you. The end. Since therefore much of the source work and personality development was executed in previous pictures, one would think that would provide The Avengers room to be really out there and split and fascinating ' instead it is all actually a little dull, as there is lots of standing around and waiting, just like the protracted sequence in the center where the heroes are searching for the film macguffin, in this particular case a space block called the tesseract that provides infinite energy, as well as the characters banter back and forth a small, but finally nothing happens and no one increases. His dilemma is really not explored in any way, although Captain America, thawed away 70 years after and having been iced during the Second World War, gets gently teased about truly being a fish out a water. And it is a not a little glad to earn him the butt of a lot of gags when he is likely still gloomy about the reality that each single person he adores and knows are all long-dead. Thor does a whole lot of standing around and merely waiting for moments to use his hammer, and Dr. Banner appears around trying to not Hulk out. Of course Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man is a motor mouth and endlessly entertaining, so he can virtually stand around all he desires, he managed to make it fun no matter what. But nevertheless, that is a great deal of standing around.
So Dark Widow can saves him, Hawk Eye is in the film, and Black Widow is in the movie therefore she can save Hawkeye. How thrilling. And while Thor is summoning lightning and thunder and smashing every thing with his legendary hammer Mjolnir, and Tony Stark is soaring about in his thousand-buck weaponized Iron Man match and blasting people with pulsar beams, and Chief America is utilizing his super serum-derived skills to conquer incredible amounts of ass, as well as the Hulk hulks out and smashes, Hawkeye is shooting arrows at individuals and Black Widow is great with knives and handguns. What on Earth do these two humans that are boring have to add to the super-powered superheroes in this team? Nothing, that's what. Waste of time.
Additionally wasted in this picture are a number of opportunities to really do something distinct and interesting, but rather these are simply thoughts brought up and then forgotten. For example there is a scene where the heroes find out that the agency they're working for may have some somewhat nefarious key schemes themselves, yet this gets mentioned again and not fast covered aside. The guy horde that is bad is an arbitrary strange military with development or no character, and the largest, most crazy parts of the conflict seem like imitations of the greatest pieces of the Transformers movies of Bay. And throughout the battle all of the bits that are finest fit in with the Hulk, as he pretty much steals the present, but even his largest second is something which is been done before in Hellboy and equally Fantastic Four.
In the pantheon of Marvel movies, The Avengers does not quite achieve the rewatchable peaks of Iron Man, however it is definitely better than The Incredible Hulk and the disappointing Iron Man 2. It's on precisely the same degree as Thor and Captain America, a lot more than passable as huge budget, summer entertainment, popcorn munching. It has humor, enjoyable characters, action, plus it puts these things all together in a package that is sleek, ready for mass usage. Congratulations, Disney and Marvel. You taken it away.

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